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I have a chronic illness. There. It's out there. Who knew that when I was diagnosed with kidney failure when I was 8 years old would lead me to the creation of BOLD Social Strategies? I sure didn't. All while I was growing up I always wanted to be considered "normal". I never wanted my illness to hold me back from doing things and from being a regular person.

And for awhile, it didn't. When I got a transplant from my uncle when I was 8, it lasted me throughout my childhood, my teens and just barely got me through university. Until the age of about 23, when it failed and I had to go back on dialysis. I was devastated. I was a young adult, just getting my life started and everything came to a screeching hault.


I've now been on dialysis and waiting for a transplant for about 10 years. I try very hard to not let it affect my daily life. Unfortunately, sometimes it has an effect on my career. Some days it's hard to commit to a 9-5 schedule every single day. As others with chronic illnesses can relate, sometimes there are appointments at 2pm or at 8am. Sometimes my schedule is 8am to 10am then 11:30am to 5:30pm. Sometime I need to run out for a blood test 3 mornings in a row and have to work 10:30am to 6:30pm. It can be difficult for a 9-5 office to work with an employee on that type of schedule and be able to provide those flexible hours.

Does that mean I miss time or I'm not able to complete my tasks? HELL NO. I work very hard in order to make sure that my clients are happy and that they know they can come to me with questions, concerns and projects and I will get them done on time and in the best quality I can provide.


The last couple years have been tough and that's what has led me to create BOLD Social Strategies. I've come to realize that I need to make my own schedule. I want to be able to book client meetings that works for BOTH of us. If I have an appointment in the morning, I want to be able to start at noon and work til 8pm to get my work done. I don't want to have to depend on others if I'm going to be employed or not. I KNOW I work hard. I KNOW I'm passionate about my career and marketing. I KNOW I'm passionate about my clients and I want to do everything I can to help them. Just because I have a chronic illness, it's not going to hold me back from being successful.

It's scary going out on your own and proving yourself to everyone. But I'm doing it because I know I can, I have the passion and I want to be BOLD. EndFragment

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